Our chickens are free to roam. And roam, they do. We never know where we’ll find eggs, but we check several times a day in the places our chickens frequent. We love seeing these colorful eggs, and have had people comment that they are too pretty to eat. We disagree. Because when you crack one open, you’ll see the rich orange yolk that screams free range eggs. Our eggs are minimally washed to preserve the bloom (the natural barrier on on the egg that prevents bacteria from getting into the egg). We do reuse clean egg cartons, however most of our eggs are sold in a new egg carton to guarantee the cleanest product.

Eggs are $5 per dozen. To find out how to get these delicious eggs, see our Where to Find Us page.

Our chickens are provided plenty of space to roam, which allows them to feast on all the worms and bugs their hearts desire. We also provide any vegetable scraps from our table, as well as any items from our garden that have expired. Once we are finished harvesting from our garden (in the background of the above picture), we will open up the fence and allow them to have their way with the remnants, while providing a fantastic natural fertilizer for the spring planting. We supplement with a high quality layer feed. While not an organic feed, we feel that the quality is exceptional, and provides the chickens with all they need for a healthy lifestyle.