As a result of cow / herd shares now being legal in North Carolina, we offer an assortment of raw dairy products, including milk, cream, butter, mozzarella cheese, buttermilk, sour cream and more.

In order to obtain these products, you must be part owner of the herd.  There is an initial fee (share price) to buy into the herd, which includes your portion of the herd and your starter bottling kit (six half gallon jars and plastic lids).

A share entitles you to one gallon of milk per week (based on average output from the herd - sometimes there may be more available).  Once you buy into the herd, you then pay a monthly boarding fee which covers the monthly expenses for feed, hay, milking supplies, cleaning supplies and labor to harvest and bottle the milk. You can read more about how we handle herd shares here.

For more information on buying into the herd, please contact us.


Raw Milk

As part owner of the herd, you can have farm fresh, wholesome, raw milk for your family.


Raw Butter

As the picture shows, we make all of our raw butter by hand, then lightly salt it, before pressing into a brick-shaped mold and placing into the freezer. Once frozen, we package in wax paper and place back into the freezer until it is sold (or until we use it).

Butter should last for several weeks assuming it is kept refrigerated.

As part owner of the herd, we make butter available to you. There is a $12 per pound fee to cover labor to make the butter.


Raw Sour Cream

To make our sour cream, we allow the milk to sit for at least 48 hours (refrigerated, of course) so that the cream can rise. We then gently skim the cream by hand into a separate jar and add live cultures. Once the cultures rehydrate, we thoroughly mix them into the cream and allow it to sit at room temperature for 48 hours.

The consistency is not what you get from the grocery store (it's not as thick), but the finished product is very rich, creamy and delicious.

To cover the cost of the cultures, the jar and the labor to make the sour cream, there is a $12 per quart / $7 per pint charge.

Available Products

Mozzarella Cheese: $12 per pound (requires one week’s notice and $10 deposit)

Raw Cream: $10 per quart / $6 per pint

Cultured Buttermilk: $6 per quart

Sweet Buttermilk: $3 per quart

Whey: $3 per quart

Skim Milk: available upon request